Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Day in the Woods, with a Bear Sighting(with pics)!

So, a while ago I ordered a Seat Concepts brand replacement seat cover and foam for the my Wr250x. The factory seat made my tailbone hurt after just an hour of riding. I don't have an air powered stapler to drive the staples into the plastic seat pan, so I called a local upholstery shop and asked them if they could do it. I brought the factory seat and the new foam and cover to them. They were busy working on a pontoon boat and said that they would try and squeeze my job in over the weekend. I'm cool with that, and the $25.00 price I was quoted.

Here's a picture...

On my way home, less than a half mile from my house, I turned off the main County road onto the road to my place, and what was in the road? A mama Black Bear and four little cubs! When they saw my truck, they ran off into the woods. They only ran maybe 10-15 feet away. A couple of the cubs climbed trees and watched me, while mama stood guard. I managed to snap 2 pictures and get a shot of one of the cubs!

I am so glad I moved up here! This is my second Bear sighting and my first Bear cub sighting!