Sunday, September 02, 2018

Road Trip Time...

... and Fall is rapidly approaching!!!

My buddy John and I are going west again. We're headed to Sturgis, SD to watch the Supermoto races on the 7th and 8th. Our plan is the leave WI on Tuesday, my 58th birthday, and return home on Tuesday the 11th. We were out there for the races last year and that's when my radiator started leaking. I'm really hoping for a drama free trip this time!

I've put over 1800 miles on the bike since having the radiator repaired... so far, so good. No leaks! Everything should be all set. I've changed the oil, lubed the chain, and checked the air in the tires. All I need is a few minutes to pack, put on the rain gear, and I'll be good to go. The weather guessers have said that there's a 100% chance of rain all day Tuesday :(

Starting mileage...

I need this trip! Fall is here and the peak leaf color is only 25-29 days away! Where did the summer go?

The trees in my neighborhood have started to change and they seem to gain a lot more color every day.

The deer are losing their red summer color and their gray/brown winter coats are coming in.

This mama's coat change is a little behind the others, and her twin fawns still have spots!

The compost pile is doing better than the garden!

And one last thing... Last week, Nancy found videos for cats on Youtube... Big mistake showing them to our cat, Screamer! He's become a video addict. He sits in front of the TV and cries until "birds" is on. He may end up being a cat with his own TV... LOL