Thursday, August 02, 2012

Day 3.... From Belle Fourche, SD

I had a good nights sleep in the tent, and was up early. John and I went for a late morning ride down Spearfish Canyon and back. The traffic is still light for a pre rally week. The campground is still lightly populated. That will change in the next few days.
I snapped a few pictures going down the canyon.

John and I stopped at Cheyenne Crossing for lunch. Good burgers and good pulled pork.
We returned to camp to wait for Garth to arrive from Castlegar BC. We were surprised to see him pull up with his bike on a trailer. He brought his wife, Ronni, with him.

After they got their tent set up, they went off to the store for a few supplies. While they were gone it started to rain. I spent most of the afternoon napping in my tent listening to the rain and thunder. The temps dropped nicely after the rain started.
My view most of the afternoon..... The first one's for you Bob...

When the rain cleared, the sky was beautiful. The sunset was fantastic!

Someday I'll figure out how to shoot a picture of the sun. It was an intense orange color. I just couldn't capture that image...