Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Another Run Up to The North Woods

I finished a few home repair projects over the last few days, so I rewarded myself with another run up north. I took the long way up. My route included, River Falls to New Richmond by highway 65. Then east on 64 over to highway 25. North on 25 to Barron on highway 8. East on 8 through Cameron, then north on county road M. County road M runs straight north on the east side of Rice Lake. I followed M all the way up to highway 70. I took 70 to highway 27 to Hayward. From Hayward I went east on highway 77. I turned off on Kreyer Drive. I wanted to check out a home for sale. Nice, but the neighbors would be too close. I continued east on 77 and went north on Pederson Road. That turned into county road OO. I took that all the way to Seeley. I turned around at highway 63 and headed back on OO. I took "Old OO road". That was nice untill, it turned to gravel.

The leaves are just past their prime colors. The weather was a perfect 65 degrees that far north. A great day for a ride!

On the way back home I stopped in Spooner to snap a picture of this WWII vintage, welded hull, M4 Sherman tank.

I got this picture of a small cannon in Cumberland.

And no trip to the North Woods would be complete without a picture of this.

It was a 356 mile day. That brings the miles on the Zx-14 to 16108. There are 7808 miles on the tires now. I should be putting new ones on first thing in the spring.