Sunday, August 01, 2010

Day 2, Murdo, SD to Alliance, NE

Today, things got a lot better. We got up and went to breakfast at the GTO Diner in Murdo. Good breakfast, but the family behind me was pretty funny. I couldn't see them but I could hear them. She was complaining that there was nothing on the menu she could eat. He was crabby as hell and wasn't too sympathetic. Someone else was crabbing that the sun was shining on her and burning her. It was funny to listen to, all they could do was bitch and complain...
After breakfast we went back down 83, then west on 18 in South Dakota.

I really like being in the middle of nowhere.

That took us through a very impoverished looking Rosebud Indian Reservation. We stopped for gas in Martin, SD. We followed 18 for a while, then went south on 391/27, through Gordon, NE. West on 20 to 87, then south into Alliance. We stopped just before town to check out Carhenge.

We walked in to the Carhenge Pitstop and the first thing John sees is a penny masher.

Here's John at Carhenge.

Me too.

After taking in all that Carhenge had to offer, we drove the 3 miles to Alliance. We got a room at the 1st INN. Yesterday we drove a little over 600 miles. Today we quit at 220.

Tonights weather looks like rain, so we pulled the bikes up under the walkway.