Sunday, January 20, 2013

Here Comes the COLD! pizza pictures added!

The local news has been talking about the expected temperatures of the next few days. Here's a screen shot from for Cable, WI. It shows the projected temps for Monday. For the Celsius temp people, -14°F = -25.5°C. Either way, it's cold!
The garage wood pile is stocked and ready! Bring it on!

Updated and current weather from!!

On a happier note... One of the nice things about living way up north and away from civilization is, when you make a trip to the "cities", you make it worth while. On our last trip down, we stopped at El Burrito Mercado a small Mexican food market in St. Paul. They have a large kitchen and serve food there, as well as their own fresh cooked items in the coolers, a large grocery section, and a gift and household items section.
We stocked up on pre-made beans, rice, tamales, real Mexican cheese, and their own fresh Pico de gallo. mmmmm. So today, for lunch I had a warm bowl of rice and beans with a couple of quesadillas.

Dinner tonight was home made pizza. No tomato sauce, just olive oil infused with garlic, red bell pepper, onion, and cheese!