Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 11... Another Rough Day!!

I got a good nights sleep in Chama. The temps dropped over night and made it quite comfortable... for now... The first thing we did was visit the Cumbres & Toltec Railroad yard. They had 2 locomotives steamed up and ready for the day.

We took 64 out of Chama, then 537 to 550 into Bernalilo. I managed to snap a few quick pics. The temps climbed fast once we started down to lower elevations. The best description I can think of for the scenery along 550 is to compare it to the Disney/Pixar movie "Cars". I wanted to stop for more photos, but there was no place to stop. I really need to look into a mount for my camera.

We violated our No Interstate policy and followed I-25 to I-40 to Grants, NM. By the time we got that far, I was shot for the day. A hotel room with A/C and a cool shower was what I needed.
John and I are wondering what were we thinking... riding through NM and AZ in August...????