Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Visitors in the Backyard.

When Nancy and I were living in Prescott, WI we lived in small neighborhood of about 95 homes. Now we're 5 miles east of Cable, WI in a small development. I can see 2 other homes, but they aren't occupied full time, they're summer homes. When the trees leaf out, I might not be able to see any homes.
Nancy enjoys nature and likes watching birds at the feeders and the antics of the squirrels. We mounted a corn holder to a tree in the back yard and the squirrels go crazy for it. We had seen deer tracks in the driveway and in the snow in the back yard, but they never made an appearance until today.

The night before, I was sitting in the kitchen and I heard one of the cats growl. He growled just like a dog would if you tried to take his bone from him. I looked out the patio door to see this about 10 feet from the house...

The cats are really enjoying their new home. There's so much to see outside. The cats will sit motionless for hours watching this....

Waiting For Spring Challenge

On Trobairitz' Tablet, she issued a challenge. Post a web cam picture. Seems easy enough, but it took me a while to figure out how to activate my computer's built in camera. Here I am.

Trobairitz' Tablet, spring challenge

OK, so the first pic was too serious??? Well how about these two...