Friday, October 05, 2012

The Leaves are Falling and the Color is Fading!

Wow, It's amazing how fast the season changes! Just 5 days ago the Fall foliage was at the peak of color and today it looks like Winter will be here in a week  just a few hours...

My front yard 9-24, then 9- 30, and today, 10-5...

In the last week, I've been busy with Fall projects, but Nancy and I managed to get in one more day in the kayaks. We had a nice 70° day and thought it was too nice to be working round the house, so we loaded up and took off for a slow paddle a local lake.

I also managed to find the time for a ride on the FJR. It's been neglected lately, so I warmed it up and took it for a nice long ride. I filled the tank and added Sta-bil.

Nancy noticed that at night, when the lights are on in the backyard, the orange colored leaves really glowed... We tried to capture the colors in the night photographs we took.

It hasn't been all fun and games though. I added a few things to my tool box. I bought a couple of American made files to sharpen my axes, a splitting maul, and in keeping with my family's Scandinavian heritage, I bought a Husqvarna chainsaw. My Uncle's old Jonsereds 49SP was getting a little rough and no longer wanted to start easy or idle.
The new saw is so much different than the old one. It starts quick, has a compression release to make starting it easier, is a lot quieter, vibrates less. Just a much nice tool to use. I've been cleaning up a lot of downed trees in the area around the house.

I've just about filled this little stack, and I'm starting to add more the the pile out back.

It's now 1150 p.m. and it's snowing for the second time this fall.... That's Screamer(one of the cats) saying hello about 9 seconds into the video.