Sunday, February 20, 2011

Still Winter...

Winter is dragging on here in Wisconsin.  The nice 30-40 degree weather we had last week has been replaced with another blast from old man winter. Tonight, we are getting another 12-18 inches of snow. There hasn't been much I could do to get over the winter blahs. I did make it to the Cycle World Motorcycle Show. It just made things worse. My mind started thinking of riding again, and all the nice places to go... I need spring to get here soon.

My FJR forks are still at 2K Motorsports in Richfield, MN. They are waiting for a bronze bushing to arrive.

I did find an interesting post on Craigslist. I've cut/pasted it below, un-edited and in full for your enjoyment.

2008 Harley FLHTC Custom Bobfork - $87000 (Las Vegas)


Date: 2011-02-08, 5:37PM PST

Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

If you are looking for a chrome plated sub-tech slow no stopping lousy cornering oil leaking louder than Crackatoa motorcycle with black and white tv era technology that you can pay too much for then this bike is for you. This bike will make up for your tiny manhood and eggshell ego and is perfect for that fat-ass tits on the ground tattooed smelly bovine nearly toothless "old lady" you lug around with you every where you go just so you don't have to kiss her goodbye. Now you can show up at biker events and mingle with other beer-aholic losers who play dress up with the black outfits and stupid vests covered in dumb slogan patches and cheesy trinket buttons and pretend like you're a "son of anarchy." This bike has enough chrome on it to blind you on a sunny day and enough money invested in it to keep my kids from having descent shoes or dental care. Why should they be different from Mom and Dad...right? If you buy it this week I'll throw in every other dumb thing I've bought just because it says "Harley" on it. Once you throw a leg over this beauty you can run that movie in your head where you're the big hero and chicks flock around you like flies. Actually those are flies, but your friends will tell you how "bad to the bone" you look and make you feel special and that alone is priceless in a world where you can get a personality from a dealership. So don't wait. Bust out that wallet tethered to you with a dog chain and plop down your kids college tuition and you can fantasize about being a man. This is your chance.

I think the ad is freakin' phenomenal!!!!!!! Someone out there has a great sense of humor. Good job, whoever you are!
I guess winter has taken it's toll on me. Hurry up spring!