Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 11. Out of Sturgis

Today we packed up, said our good bye's, and moved out.

We went out Hwy. 34 towards Wyoming.

We stoppd in Sundance to gas up. The last time I was at this station, regular gas was $3.75 a gallon. Today it was $2.78

We took 116 out of Sundance. We started to see interesting rock formations.

Later, we saw the west side of Black Hills from a long way away.

More middle of nowhere.

We rode west on Hwy. 450. Past the Black Thunder coal mine. We went past a huge dragline.

On US 20-26 we saw Hells Half Acre. It looked like a tiny Badlands or Bryce Canyon.

We stopped for the night in Riverton, Wyoming. After unpacking, we went to Pizza Hut for diner then back to the hotel to do laundry.