Monday, August 06, 2012

Day 7... Devils Tower.

There was no group consensus about where to ride to today. We didn't even do a group breakfast today. John and I did our laundry this morning then had breakfast. We went back to camp and there was still no group plan, so John and I made our own plans.
We decided to go to Devils Tower in Wyoming.

We didn't go into the National Monument, but stopped outside at the Devils Tower Trading Post.

The temps today hovered right around 100 degrees. That's why we made it a short trip. I had my cool vest, but didn't put it on. I drank over 2 quarts of Gatoraide on the trip. It was too hot to stop and take pictures! We had to keep moving to stay cool.

I think tomorrow will be our last day here. We'll head for AZ and NM on Wednesday morning. I still want to try and get some evening pictures from down town Sturgis.