Monday, March 14, 2011


 While waiting for this never ending winter to get over, I did some shopping. I picked up a set of tires for the Zx-14. I bought them one size taller. The normal rear tire is a 190/50-ZR17, I'm going to try a 190/55-ZR17 instead. The new Michelin Pilot Road 3's were not in stock yet, so I got a set of the PR2's. Other on-line stores seemed to have raised their prices, but I found a good deal on these at They were $277.98 shipped.

I also decided to buy hard side bags for the Zx-14. I shopped at and bought the SW-Motec brand, quick release mounts for the Givi PLX style bags. I also ordered a set of color matched inserts for the hard bags. They are a Kawasaki item intended for use on the '09 Versus with Kawasaki hard bags. The Kawasaki bags are the same as the Givi bags. They are painted the same color as my Candy Lime green, 09, Zx-14.

I still have to order the Givi brand hard bags, but judging by the way the weather is going, I'll have a few weeks before riding season starts.