Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Favorite Five.

Some of my fellow bloggers have posted their favorite 5 pictures from 2011. It started HERE with Roger from New Zealand, and others have followed. You can see more pictures Here and Here.

I had a hard time picking 5 but here goes....

My favorite picture from this year was taken on a trip that John, my riding buddy, and I took out to Idaho. I snapped this one with the Tetons in the background. It was my attempt to be a little artsy...

The next 2 are from my solo trip to the west coast. The first one is a picture of a road sign on CA hwy 36, west of Red Bluff. That section of road was one of the things I HAD to see on this trip. It didn't disappoint me. Pushing a heavily loaded, over weight, sport bike through 140 miles of twisty roads, in 90 degree heat was tough, but it was worth it!!

This one was taken the day I passed through Yosemite N.P. A very sweet older lady asked me if I was taveling alone. She offered to take my picture for me. She was a sweet heart. We talked for quite a long time about all kinds of things.

I even have a few pictures just to show I have interests beyond motorcycles. This summer, Nancy and I got into kayaking. We spent a lot of time on some of the nearby rivers. Unfortunately, the computer that has most of my pictures in it crashed a while back, so my selection of kayaking pictures is limited. Even if it's not the best picture, it's what it represents that means the most to me.

The last one is from this fall when Nancy and I took a road trip up to the "northwoods" of northern Wisconsin. We were on a fall color tour that Sawyer County puts on. They mark some of the roads through the Chequamegon National Forest, and have a few different loops to drive around. We were maybe a week early this year to see the peak colors, but I really like this picture, it makes a great background!