Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 13. Crossing Oregon.

I turned and headed east this morning. I'm, at least, travelling the direction of home. I'm not sure when, or even how, I'll get there. It will be good to get home.
I rode two very beautiful Oregon roads today, OR-38 and OR-126. From Reedsport, I took OR-38, AKA, the Umpqua Highway. It follows along side the Umpqua River. On parts of the highway the trees are so close to the road, that you're driving under a lush green canopy. There are many sections where they had to cut into the rock to make room for the road and the walls are just feet from the roadway. There were several small waterfalls along the road and a tunnel through the hill.

Highway 38 runs through Drain, and out to I-5. I took I-5 up to Eugene/Springfield and caught 126 east. A mile or so later you begin to think you're in the middle of nowhere. East of Vida there is a really cool covered bridge over the McKenzie River. Here's some more info.

I also spotted this. I have no idea what it is, but I've seen 2 or 3 identical structures on this trip. It's very large and several stories tall. Any ideas???

I wanted to take 242 out to Sisters, but the road is still closed. Too much snow.

I had to take 126 to 20 to get to Sisters. The town is named after the nearby 3 mountain tops, each just a bit over 10,000 feet. I didn't stop in Sisters, but I got the feeling it is kind of a tourist town.

I was thinking of riding all the way to Ontario, OR, but instead stopped in Burns. I didn't feel like riding another 2 and a half hours.

Day 12. Fortuna CA to Reedsport, OR

Last night, I pampered myself and stayed at the Super 8 in Fortuna. I know that really doesn't sound too fancy, but I'm trying to keep costs down.  I also had to get the "Bates Motel" of Quincy feeling off of me. It was good to have the continental breakfast of fresh fruit, a waffle and juice.

I spent the day driving up the coast on US-101.
The first stop was a California rest stop in the Redwoods.

A field of elk.

I finally get to the Pacific Ocean.

I thought this was neat. On each end of the bridge over the Klamath River, there are 2 bears.

I saw this and thought I was in Brainerd, MN.

A few more from further north.

I've seen commercials for Jack in the Box and thought I'd try it. I stopped in Crescent City, CA for lunch. It wasn't bad.

Into Oregon.

In Gold Beach, OR, right along side the road, is the office for Backwoods Home magazine I've never had a subscription, but I've read many issues over the years. I stopped in and picked up the current issue. I may have to subscribe.

I ended the night in Reedsport, OR. I'm back to low dollar hotels. Tonights hotel was $43.00 with no extras.

Tommorow, I turn east for home.