Thursday, May 05, 2011

1st Thursday at Dulono's Pizza in Minneapolis

Tonight, John and I went to Dulono's Pizza in Minneapolis for 1st Thursday Bike Night. I met John at his place in St. Paul and from there we drove over to Dulono's at Lake Street and Garfield Ave. John rode his FJR and I was on my Zx-14. We were there early enough to get a good parking spot on the street across from the parking lot. The weather was nice, except for the 10 minutes of rain we had when we first got there.

We walked around and checked out the lot full of diverse motorcycles. Including this 650 Yamaha with a hard tail and a springer fork.

A nice Honda CBX.

1976 Yamaha RD-400

Kawasaki GPz-550

A very nice custom Honda 750/836 big bore kit done Cafe style.

After checking out the bikes for awhile, we went inside and got something to eat. What else would you get at a pizza place?
A medium, pepperoni, sausage, and onion pizza and 2 pops came to just under $19.00. The pizza was very good!!

We went back outside and walked around the bikes some more. This black and gold Suzuki Hayabusa caught my eye. I'd hate to have to clean that. It was sharp though.
We left there about 7:30. John got off the highway in St.Paul, and I continued back to WI. It was a great way to spend an evening.