Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 1 of the ST.N Meet in Custer.

I've been busy this last week. I changed oil, mounted new tires and picked up my modified tank bag mount. I left home this morning around 0830 and my Ninja's odometer read 18126 miles.

55 miles later, in New Prague, MN, I made my first stop. I bought a bottle of water and put on my rain gear. I rode in a constant light rain for the next 140 miles. I stopped in Worthington, MN for gas and the rain stopped.

I was going to try and avoid all Interstate Highways on this trip but once I was in Worthington I decided to break that rule and ride on I-90 into SD and get off after Sioux Falls. I stopped at the South Dakota information center rest stop on I-90. I picked up a map and some reading material. The nice older woman behind the desk asked where I was going. I told her, Winner. She suggested I take I-90 across the Missouri river. She said there has been a lot of local flooding near the river, and was concerned that I might have a problem crossing on SD 44. I knew the bridge across the river is quite a ways above the water and decided to risk it.  I took SD 19 from I-90 down to SD 44 and followed 44 to Winner, SD.  The river may have been high but the bridge is a LOT higher than the river.

I got a room at the Warrior Inn.

When I checked in, I asked the desk clerk, Nina, where I could get a good meal. She recommended the Wild West. I rode down to the Wild West only to find out they aren't open on Sunday. I settled for Subway.

I didn't stop for any pictures today but I will get plenty in the next few days.

432 miles today.