Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Utility Trailer Rebuild...

Way back in about 1975 or so, my dad had a local welder build him a heavy duty 4'x8' utility trailer. My dad used it to carry supplies into the woods every fall for Deer season. I've posted pictures before of the Hunting Shack.
The trailer became mine after my father passed away. I had it for many years and stored it under the deck behind the house. It has followed with me whenever I moved. The last 10 years or so, it has been parked at my sister's cabin not far from my home in the north woods. Parking it in the shadows of old Pine and Poplar trees was hard on it. The plywood floor rotted out and the metal turned to a giant pile of rust. It was a very sad looking trailer.
This summer I brought it home to my new place and told myself that I had to restore it to its former glory.

Here it is way back when... me in the trailer.

Here it is after I had it sandblasted and I primed it with Rustoleum primer.

I have to finish the job with black implement paint and some new plywood. The side boards are stake pocket style and the originals were 2' tall tapering to 1' in the rear. I plan to make the new sides all 16" high so I can cut all 4 parts out of a single sheet of plywood. I've located a modern version of the original vintage tail lights and have all my wiring supplies. I've already repacked the wheel bearings, but have to find a deal on some used 205 or 215/75-15 tires. The tires on the trailer are severely weather checked and deeply cracked.
I'm quickly running out of 55° days.