Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Pre Frost Harvest...

The weather forecasters keep changing the expected low temp for tonight, and now the projected low is 32 deg F. Not quite the 14" of snow Richard's expecting.

A little too cold for our tomatoes and tomatillos, so I just did a small pre-frost harvest.

This is about 1/4 of the tomatoes, the rest are still green...

This pile of tomatillos doesn't look that big, but it's more than any of the local grocery stores ever keep on hand. It's had to tell, but I think this is maybe maybe 1/4 of what's left in the garden, plus there's 5 pounds of them in the freezer already. This is my first time ever growing them and I can't believe what an aggressive spreader they are.

My jalapenos. I'm disappointed, not in the quantity, but ain their size. I'll have to do some tree removal this winter and try to get more day light and eliminate some of the shadows in the garden...

I'm happy with the monofilament fishing line deer fence! I've had a trail cam pointed on the garden for a while now and the deer never try to enter it, just walk around it.

Nancy's not home yet and the temp keeps dropping. I'll have everything ready and we'll get things covered up as soon as she's home!
I think we'll be busy canning and freezing for the next few days.