Thursday, October 20, 2011

Super Sherpa for Sale----SOLD!!!!

On Monday, I took the FJR out for a nice ride through the rural Minnesota countryside. I took the long way down to Plainview Powersports. I wanted to look at a new '09 Yamaha Wr250x that they have listed on Craigslist. They have it priced at under $5000 with no "freight and set-up" fees, and I'd pay the sales tax and registration fees when I register it in WI. The little Wr250x is still brand new, and sold with the full warranty. New 2011 Wr's are over $6299 plus the BS "freight and set-up".

It looks like this. (stock Yamaha photo)

I have an '01 Kawasaki Super Sherpa. It's a great little bike, but not quite what I'm needing. I picked it up in the fall of '07, and at that time, it had 6640 miles on it. Sadly, it only has 7300 on it now. When I take the Sherpa out for a ride, I keep thinking that it would be a blast to have street tires on it. There are so few unpaved roads in my area of WI.

I placed the Super Sherpa on craigslist today. If it sells before the end of the riding season, and the Wr250x is still available, I just might have a new bike.