Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Plans for Oregon..

I follow quite a few motorcycle related blogs and have always wondered who these people are. Some bloggers are very protective and shy about their personal life, while others are out there and hold nothing back. One of the blogs I read discussed a get together of fellow bloggers in 2010, that they named the International Moto Bloggers Convention (IMBC 2010).
I have the opportunity this year to travel out to Baker City, Oregon to meet 6 or more fellow bloggers. The travel plans for a few people are still up in the air.
It's only 1650 miles away! Plus, I could ride Hwy-12 across Idaho from Lolo Pass again!. I figure 5 days should be enough time.

Google Map.. with stops in Devils Lake, ND, Glascow, MT, Lincoln, MT, Granveville, ID, and Baker City, OR.
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On the way back home, I could swing through Pocatello, ID and visit Nancy's brother, Bill. Or, head north and ride a few neat looking roads that a fellow blogger, Bob, of Riding the Wet Coast sent me an email about. So many options!!!

This would be near the end of July. I'd be home for 5 or 6 days. Long enough to rest my butt and change the oil, then head out for Sturgis, SD and the after the rally road trip to AZ and NM. The rally and post-rally plans are still in the making.