Sunday, February 03, 2013

One of Our Cats...

Little Boy, has developed an interesting habit. He sits in my lap and sticks his tongue out at me!

One of the other cats, Orangie, has developed a bit of a behavior problem recently. We took him in to have a tooth checked, he was knocked out and dental work was performed. The Vet we used can't or won't keep animals over night so he was brought home still under the effects of the anesthesia. Orangie was always the #2 cat. One of the lower ranking cats, Rudy, saw that Orangie was weak and walking a little funny after returning from the vet. So now, Rudy has decided that he wants to challenge Orangie for his place as #2. For the last month, Rudy has been chasing Orangie any time he sees him. It seems he has forced Orangie to live in my office in the basement.

It's pretty unusual for Orangie to back down from anything. He was a true FERAL cat when he started hanging around our house in Prescott. He's used to fighting with other wild animals and has chased off quite a few unsuspecting Skunks and Opossum, and avoided being a snack for the Fox and Coyotes that used to gather in our back yard. With people, it was different. He refused to come inside, was terrified of people, and would run away if he saw us looking at him out the window. It took 4 years of feeding him and us quietly sitting outside, for him to trust us enough to even enter our home. The first time he wandered up the stairs, he heard the TV and he bolted back down the stairs.

He's been around us since 2005, but it's only been the last 2 years that I've felt comfortable enough in his "tameness" to try and pick him up without fear of losing a finger. He's very much my cat and won't come out of hiding if there are visitors.

Rudy, on the other hand, was born in my closet 4 years ago. He was always the meekest cat, with the softest and most pitiful sounding "mew". He still tries to nurse off the alpha cat(male)and seldom leaves his side. He is, however, the largest and most muscular cat of the 5!

I hope they get this sorted out soon!!!



This is Screamer, Rudy's brother... He's the little trouble maker of the bunch. He talks and whines way too much!!! I'm sure he's the one that kept knocking over the Christmas tree!

This is the Alpha Cat... Sticky, short for "F-stick", which is really the polite version of his name. Yes, that "f" word..
He has lost all his teeth, but is still the best hunter. In one day, he brought home a Mouse, a Chipmunk, and a Chickadee!

I know that's not motorcycle related, but it's the dead of winter and there isn't much else to comment on or do.... except maybe shovel snow.