Friday, August 05, 2011

Day 1 and 2 of the 13th Anual Sturgis Trip

I left home a little later than the 0630 I wanted to leave by. I drove to St. Paul and met John. We were under way by 0730. John led me through a twisted maze of back streets through St. Paul and Minneapolis, out to hwy 394. 394 became 12, and we followed it out to Wilmar, MN. In Wilmar, we took MN hwy 40 to the SD border. We took a series of SD  hwys and county roads all the way to US 212. We followed 212 to Belle Fourche, SD. We had very nice riding weather all day. Even a nice tail wind the last 100 miles.

We set up camp at Wyatt's Hideaway Campground. Wyatt's is the best camping I've found in my 13 years of coming to the rally.

Garth's stuff was here when we got here, but he wasn't around. He showed up about a half an hour later. He had been to Walmart to get a new tent. One of his tent poles broke while he was setting it up, so he had gone to get a new tent.

We set up our tents and it wasn't long before everyone was asleep.

DAY 2.

We didn't do much today. We rode into town for breakfast, came back to camp and rested. We didn't go anywhere else until after Larie and Lyle showed up around 1615. After they set up camp, we went to the Belle Inn for supper.

The weather looked threatening, but it blew past with only a sprinkle.

Tomorrow we'll go for a ride and I'll take more pictures.