Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 3 of the Trip to ?

It rained last night when a strong thunder and lightning storm passed through. I thought my tent was a goner, but it survived and I stayed dry. I woke up to clear blue skies, and perfect riding weather. Mesh jacket and a t-shirt kind of weather.

I decided to spend another day in Belle Fourche. I wanted to try out my GoPro Hero 3. I thought that a spirited ride down Spearfish Canyon or Vanocker Canyon would make for great video. I started down Spearfish Canyon and pulled over before a nice twisty section. I turned on the camera and saw the "low battery" symbol. The camera would only stay on a few seconds and then shut it's self off....CRAP! It was fully charged before I left home, and this was the first time I used it this trip, I was so disappointed.

About 3/4 of the way down Spearfish Canyon there is a gravel road that leads to Roughlock Falls. With all the rain lately, there was a lot of water going over the falls.

From Roughlock Falls I kept going south. At Cheyenne Crossing, I turned to go north on 85. I took 385 south and turned off on Nemo Road, and rode it all the way down to Johnson Siding. I stopped for a drink and a snack at the only gas station in town.

When I passed by Lake Pactola, I stopped for the yearly water level picture. I have pictures from past years where you could walk out to the island without getting your feet wet.

I continued down to Hill City. You'd think it was rally week, there were motorcycles everywhere. After Hill City, I took 244 over to Keystone. Again, more motorcycles and huge RVs!

I didn't want to pay the $11.00 for an annual parking pass to get into Mount Rushmore, so a shot from the side of the road will have to do.

I was going to run down 16A, AKA Iron Mountain Road, but the skies looked like there might be an afternoon thunder storm brewing. I headed for Rapid City instead. I should have kept with the original plan. The dark clouds never developed into anything.

I treated myself to the steak tip dinner at the American West Restaurant...mmmmm

I'm in the tent looking at a mix of pink sky to the north and dark rain clouds to the west. A dry and quite night would be nice.

I think I'll continue on my way towards ? tomorrow.