Thursday, August 05, 2010

Day 6. A Group Ride.

We got up late today and went to Spearfish to meet Paul and his party. We had breakfast at Perkins and planned a ride. John was in the lead and I rode tail. We left Spearfish and drove down 85 into Deadwood, then down 385. We stopped for pictures at Lake Pactola Reservoir.

From there we took 16 into Keystone, out 40 to 79, then back into the hills on 36. We took 16A, Iron Mountain Road, north back to Keystone. 16A has pigtail bridges and tunnels that have a view of Mt. Rushmore.

We took 323, Old Hill City Road, into Hill City where we had lunch at Rico's Restaurant. After lunch the skies looked like rain so we decided to head directly back to Spearfish. We were going to head up Nemo Road and Vanocker Canyon Road.

We got back to camp and relaxed. A few hours later Garth showed up.
Tomorrow, Lyle and Larrie will be here.