Monday, August 09, 2010

Day 10. Devils Tower

Lyle and Garth went to the Buffalo Chip last night to see the Guess Who and CCR with Lee and Gabi. They rolled into camp around 0100 this a.m. I was up by 0600 ready and showered. Everyone else rolled out of bed around 0700 or so. John rolled in around 0745. I'm not sure what LL&G have planned for today. John and I went to the Belle Inn for breakfast.  After eating, we took off for Devils Tower. We stopped along the road to take a few pictures.

We went in to the Devils Tower Trading Post where John found another penny masher.

We left there and went down through Sundance and took old Hwy. 14 east. It's the frontage road on the north side of I-90. We came across the Vore Buffalo Jump. They now charge admission to the hole in the ground. They wanted $5.00 just to walk up next to a hole and look in. Kent said that the place charges admission only during rally week. Anything for a buck. We decided to skip paying and will look in the hole some other time.

We went back to camp and let the bikes cool before adding a little pre-mixed coolent to them. We were going to go back to Stugis one more time but neither of us felt up to it.