Sunday, March 03, 2013

Finally, Something Motorcycle Related.

I follow many different motorcycle forums. Some are brand, or riding style specific, and some are activity based. On one of the forums, someone posted a link to's list of the "top 100 motorcycle roads in the USA". Here is the link. The person that made the post asked the question, "How many of the roads on the list have you ridden?"

I went through the list and think I'm up to 15.

Here are the one's I've done.

#6. San Juan Mountain Skyway. Only a portion, Cortez-Durango.
#8. Twisty Road Next 140 miles!! California Hwy 36. Red Bluff to the coast.
#9. Arkansas Pig Tail, Hwy 23. I may have done only parts of this one.
#12. The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Hwy 12 in Utah.
#20. Coronado Trail. Hwy 191 (the old hwy 666) in Arizona.
#27. Central Hills Loop. Black Hills, South Dakota.
#28. Rattlesnake Pass to Wallowa Lake, Oregon to Washington, Hwy 3+126.
#32. The Incredible North Shore Tour....***Only by car*** so I won't count it.
#33. Mexican Hat to Bryce Canyon. Utah, only part of the route.
#45. The Lolo Pass. Hwy 12 across Idaho. Many times!!
#54. Big Horn Mountain loop. A route over the Big Horn Mts. on Hwy's 14 and 16. Most of it!
#55. Heber to Hannah & the Wolf Creek Pass Loop. Outside of Park City, UT. Most of it!
#58. Arkansas At Its Best - Highway 7. Parts north of I-40.
#66. The Devil's Tail. Devils Canyon area of Oregon.
#85. Hwy 16 from the Pig Trail to Scenic 7. Through Deer, Arkansas.
#90. Yuba River Ride. Part of it along CA-49

How many have you done??