Monday, August 08, 2011

Days 3 4 and 5

Day 3, Saturday the 6th.

I was up with the sun, showered and ready to rock by 0630. We didn't get going until 0830. The 5 of us, me, John, Garth, Lyle and Larrie, drove the 26 miles from Belle Fourche to the VFW in Sturgis for breakfast. After breakfast, John and I rode down Vanocker Canyon to Johnson Siding. Then down to Hill City. We tried to photograph the 1880 train, but it wasn't running. We had lunch in Hill City at Rico's. They have great home-made Mexican food.

Day 4. Sunday the 7th.

Another breakfast at the VFW in Sturgis. This time with Lee and Gabi, and Tom and Carla. After breakfast we were supposed to take a group ride. John and I got separated from the others. We were going to go out Vanocker Canyon. John and I headed out to the canyon, but couldn't find the others. We drove part way down and waited but never saw them. We turned around and headed towards Belle Fourche.
John and I ended up going out 34 to Hulett, WY. Then up WY-112 to Alzada, MT.

This was an interesting thing to see in the middle of nowhere..

Just an experiment with the camera. Click it for a larger view.

We stopped for a pop at the Stoneville Saloon. The weather didn't look very good down towards our campground in Belle Fourche, but we went that way anyway. A few miles down the road in Colony we ran into a heavy rain. We rode through it, a few more miles down the road. Just before getting to Belle Fourche it started to rain again.
We stopped for an early dinner at the American West restaurant. We sat down and ordered, and then it really started to rain. 10 Minutes later it let up, but turned to hail. Pea and marble size at first. The manager/owner came over to us and told us to drive our bikes around to the back door and park them in their basement on the dance floor in the banquet room. So John and I ran out and got the bikes to the back door. We got back to our table and when we looked out the hail was golf ball to almost tennis ball size. By the time we finished dinner, the storm was passed us the sun was shining. A huge Thank You to the American West restaurant in Belle Fourche for your thoughtfulness.
That night, after dark, we had another storm pass through camp. That one was just thunder, lightening, and heavy rain.

Day 5. Monday the 8th.

John and I had breakfast at Taco John's. Then we stopped at the laundromat at washed clothes. It was a pretty sad place, half the machines were out of order. We went back to camp and met up with Lyle, Larrie and Garth.
We went for a group ride down Spearfish Canyon. We stopped at Roughlock Falls and walked down to view the falls.

Larrie, Lyle, John, Garth.

We stopped at the little town of Rochford.

Then back onto 85, and into Spearfish. We ate dinner at Sanford's. After dinner it was back to camp to relax.