Thursday, September 16, 2010

Early Fall Ride.

Being as I retired last week, I now find I have time to ride during the week when traffic is light. That is so nice. Today, I did a little route scouting for a small group ride later this fall. I did a nice 180 mile loop through Pierce, Pepin and Buffalo Counties. I really like this area of Wisconsin. I'm lucky to have nice riding right outside my door. I left home about 1030, and brought my camera with to take a few fall pictures. I got home about 4 hours later.

The sumac is turning red already.

The soy beans are finishing off and turning gold.

The corn is drying up too.

Even some of the maple trees are starting to turn color.

I drove out Hwy. 10 to Plum City. From there it was almost all county roads. All but 3 were "alphabet roads". From Plum City, I made my way down to Pepin. I stopped at BP for a hot chocolate and a cookie.

Then back to riding. Here's my route sheet.

Some of the trees are starting to turn.

When to corn is gone, this will be a great view into the valley.

The obligatory bike shots.

A few more pictures.

I was headed back to Prescott, and going through Ellsworth, it had warmed up a little bit.