Monday, November 26, 2012

An Early Christmas Present for Myself

Like most of us, I visit a lot of motorcycle related web sites. I belong to a motorcycle camping forum, A few weeks ago, one of the members posted a few pictures of some handy security cables he's made and selling. Here's a link to his thread, Click Me.

I know that the use of cables to secure items to a motorcycle is not a new idea, but the price and color were right. I gambled, and won! They arrived today.

I ordered a short cable and a long one, in neon green(is there really any other color?). The finished length of the short one is about 21" (53cm) and the longer one is 53" (135cm) The prices were right too. The short one was $3.00 and the long was $5.00. He wanted $1.70 for shipping US Mail. I noticed the postage sticker was a little over $2.00. He might want to up the shipping a bit. For $9.70 I feel like I won the lottery.

I'm happy with them, now if it weren't another 5 months until I can ride again it would be perfect.

Brandy, I added this just for you!