Saturday, August 08, 2020

Feeling Better, or...

...There is hope for the world.

As I have previously posted, my Craigslist adventures have, for the most part, been fruitless. That changed today.

A couple of months ago, Nancy was shopping for a car to replace her well used, and aging 2006 Scion Xa. They had been through a lot together, she bought it right after her heart attack in 2006, but it was time for a change. She found a great deal on a 2017 Toyota Rav4, low price, low miles, 0% financing, $0 down, bright blue (please God, any color other than black, white, or silver), and Certified Pre Owned with 7 year/100,000 mile warranty... She couldn't pass it up. The dealer offered only $250 for her Scion with 201,000 miles on it. I thought we could do better than that. She was determined to try for $2500, but after a while she admitted that she may have been overly optimistic in her pricing! I had the car on Craigslist for a while and just like the Zx-14, only scammers. Until yesterday that is. This morning, a man and his buddy drove the 75 miles from Duluth to our home, took it for a short ride around the block, looked it over, offered cash, I countered, we agreed on a price, kept our social distance, signed paperwork, and he drove away in her car! Just like it should be. The ad was up for 13 days. Not bad. Faith restored!

Her Rav4

There continues to be no activity on the Zx-14. I've had only one legitimate email exchange with a real person... and it's been pretty funny!

About 3 weeks ago, I received an email from Thor. He said that he was in Washington state and had seen my ad on Craigslist. He had recently purchased his own Zx-14r and was looking for information on the luggage and some of the  things that I had added to mine. He also commented that he thought my ad was "... great and well structured...".

I wrote him back, thanking him for his comments and added several paragraphs about the Givi bags, SW-Motech mounts, bar risers, C14 seat... All the modifications I made to make my Zx a super comfortable, long distance, sport-touring bike, with emphasis on sport.

That same evening, he wrote be back thanking me for all the information I had provided. He told me about his friend, a retired airline pilot, that was trying to sell his Zx-10 on Craigslist (Seattle). He told me he had suggested to his friend that he fly out here, buy my bike, and drive it home... LOL He also included some pictures of his green 2019 Zx-14r.

I again emailed him and complimented him on the color of his bike.

Well this morning I find another email from him. I was laughing so hard that Nancy came to see what I doing. Here it is, cut and pasted....

Hi Erik,
I've been checking in on your add and see it has not sold.  A lot of bikes out here aren't selling either.  I think it's the economic fears about covid and such. 
 My buddy Dave has his zx10 listed at a great price with no nibbles.  He listed it lower than I think he should with no serious replies, only some scammers.  I don't know if I told you the story about how his wife wants him to sell the sport bike and get a cruiser for them both.  She is not fond of motorcycles and has only ridden with him twice.  We will see; I'm kinda doubtful.  She does not like the blue zx10.
I've told him several times to fly out and buy yours and ride it back; I told him that this would be genius!  See, your bike is green and my bike is green; he could ride it and just say that it is mine; she wouldn't know the difference!  He loves riding mine.  He said it's the most comfortable bike of all of ours. 
He used to keep his motorcycles at my house.  He had his Grandson over once and wouldn't you know it he slipped during Christmas dinner, "Grandpa has some kool motorcycles"  Of course Grandma said "What motorcycles??"  I sat there and giggled like a little girl knowing that this had been going on for five years and he had some explaining to do.  He has the zx10, a vmax, and a Honda xl600r.  I told him there is room for another zx14 so buy it!
My zx14 only has about 1000 miles on it.  I had a knee injury shortly after I bought it and in July I fell at work and tore a tendon in my shoulder and am due for surgery in twelve days.  So no more riding for a while.  I did a new exhaust since I last wrote which is just as quiet but much smaller so I can fit luggage on now!  I'll find the luggage when I get more money saved.  Also bought a center stand; it will be delivered soon.  Hopefully by the time I'm healed everything will be set up the way I want it.
I'll send you a link to Dave's zx10.  I helped him write it or I should say "we" helped him write it as I borrowed some of the content from your ad.  Some famous writers once said that "copying others' work is the sincerest form of plagiarism."  
If you don't sell your zx14 then keep it.  Kawasaki does not make them anymore and it's the best motorcycle ever made!
Take care and good luck.

Dave's Zx-10 in Seattle.

If Dave's ad is gone when you read this, Thor basically copied a lot of my ad where I list all the things I won't do for a buyer. Cut and pasted from the ad...

I’m not interested in trades, I will not "take payments”, I will not finance it for you, nor take money orders, bank checks, "certified checks", or gift cards for it. I will not hold it for you so you can save up your money... No, you can't rent it for a weekend to see if it is the bike of your dreams. No, I do not have a truck or trailer you can borrow to haul it home. I do not have ramps to load it in the back of your pickup truck. I will not ship it to you, I will not take more than the asking price and give the extra $$ to your shipping agent... I will not send you a copy of the title before you pay me for the bike. This is a face to face, in person sale only! Bring cash if you’re serious. If you can get a bank check, you can get cash.
I'd also be happy to email or text you any additional pictures you may want.

This is definitely not a bike for a beginning rider. Your life, freedom, and driving privileges all depend on your brain's ability to control your right wrist…

Dave's Zx-10..

As I'm writing this... hummm, blue Zx-10.... blue Rav4? ... humm... No, needs to be Kawasaki green!!!

I feel better! Thor, you made our day!