Friday, June 01, 2012

A Great day of Riding in Arkansas!!

I slept soundly last night and woke up ready to ride. After an affordable, $5.00 breakfast of pancakes, sausage and orange juice, John and I headed out for the day. The weather was perfect for riding, a mild 63 degrees at the start. A few of the more local people were saying it was almost too cold to ride. I was happy that it was cool as it was! It was about 73 degrees when we got back.
We started with about a 60 mile ride south, down Hwy-7. Then made a loop back north via 164 and 123. We crossed back over 7 and went east on 16. Then took 254 and 27 to Marshall, and 27 and 14 up to Yellville. From there, we went to the Bull Shoals-White River State Park. Then back to Marble Falls. It turned out to be a 286 mile long figure 8.
I'd say it was the best day of riding that I have ever had. 286 miles of 20,30, and 40 MPH corners. The scenery was fantastic! The condition of the roads were super! It was better than last years ride across northern California on highway 36. It reminded me of both California and the Black Hills of South Dakota.
We did run through some interestingly named small towns. Places like Snow, Yellville, Welcome Home, Morning Star, and Evening Star. I saw a few signs for towns we didn't drive through, Gassville, Snowball, Deer and Nail.
A few pictures from today....

A single lane bridge over Big Piney Creek... The creek's pretty dry...

I pushed my riding and really raised my confidence level. I rubbed off a bit of the strips left on the side of my tires. I never touched any hard parts though.
What a great day!!!
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