Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 8... Headed Home. 4 States, 450+ Miles.

This morning was quite cold. It took me a while to get going. Karen packed up and was on her way about an hour before me. I was nearly packed, but not ready to leave.
The tents....

Fog rolling down the mountain...

I had planned how to get to the IMBC, but I never gave much thought to getting home. Bob had suggested taking hwy 3 north from Enterprise.
Looking back south towards Enterprise, OR..

Thanks for the tip Bob... another ride through the "High Pasture"
Hwy 3 takes you past the Joseph Canyon Overlook.

After the overlook, the highway gets even more interesting. It runs down hill for many miles, There are a few 180 degree turns...

Once the road reaches the bottom, it crosses the Grande Ronde River.... Then climbs back up hill. I stopped at the bottom for a bottle of water.

I finally reached the top, Rattlesnake Summit.

3 became 129 once I crossed into Washington. I rode it all the way to Clarkston, WA. I got on US-12 and rode it all the way to Townsend, MT. I was thinking of camping tonight at the campground just outside of town, but there was no electricity and my netbook battery was low. I also didn't want another cold night inthe tent. I grabbed a room at the Mustang Hotel for $40.
I only took a few pictures along the way...
The sign at the west end of US-12 near hwy- 13.

Last year I saw old saw mill incinerators and didn't know what they were. Now I see these things... any ideas??

Be sure to zoom in on the are near the Oregon-Washington border.
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A Day of Rest...

I'm a day behind on the blog, but Sunday was a day of rest. We all met at the hotel in Joseph, where Bob and Richard were staying. We spent most of the day in the shade of a large tree. We took a walking trip up and down Main street,exploring the shops. We had a snack at Mad Mary's Soda Shop. We went back to the shade tree for a while and talked some more.
The view from the street...

Mad Mary's

At dinner time, we walked down to the Mutiny Brewing Company. I had a bowl of their Bean Soup. We talked until the sun started to set, then everyone said their good byes and headed to their hotels/campgrounds.

What a great bunch of people! Thank you for letting me attend!!! I look forward to another meet sometime in 2014.