Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 17. Out of Oregon

I'm glad to be out of Oregon. It's an interesting state, but it has a few odd things going for it. There are no self-service gas stations. No matter where you go, someone comes out to start the pump, and hand you the nozzle. The other odd thing is the 55 mph speed limit. Even in wide open areas, with no human population, it's still 55 mph.

We left Hines, Oregon on Hwy. 20 and connected with 201.

We entered Idaho and took 95 all the way to Grangeville. The last 30 miles were miserable. We were stuck in 100 degree heat, stopped in road construction, with no shade. They had only one lane open. They were putting down oil and gravel and the gravel was thick and hard to drive on. The traffic was moving only 10 to 20 mph. When we finally did get moving, the temp never dropped below 99. It was a tough day to ride.

I didn't take very many pictures, because after a while one state begins to look like the other. Sagebrush looks the same everywhere.

We did find a nice section of Hwy 95 that runs along the Little Salmon River.

Here's one for you dear....

We stayed at the Grangeville Super 8. We walked across the street to the Palenque Mexcican Restaurant for dinner.