Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Quick 200 Miles

Today, John and I took a road trip to Augusta, WI, just a short 97 miles from Prescott. We were going to stop at Tep's Drive In for a homemade root beer. We got there only to see a sign that said they open in May. Oh well, Taco Johns is just 15 miles back the way we came. We stopped there to stretch and have a quick snack. We pulled over in Strum to get picture of this AH-1 Cobra. John had to get home so we kept up a good pace all the way back to Prescott. We stopped at the BP gas station and filled up. John headed off to St. Paul and I went home.


  1. Hi Erik. I have not seen you or talked with you since June 1978, at LHS graduation. We were good friends at Lincoln and at St. Stephens. Write back if you have time and maybe we can meet.

  2. I just replyed.. check your email.