Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Short Sunday Ride

Today, John and I went for a 130 mile ride through Pierce and Pepin Counties. We left Prescott on 10, then north on county QQ. East on 620 st. North on E to 690 st. then east to O. We went down O through Trimbelle, to 35. South on 35 to VV. I was going to take a few pictures, but as I found out at our first photo stop, the quarry on VV, that I left the SD card at home! The camera only has enough memory for 6 or 7 pictures. At our first stop, I also trashed my headphone/ear plugs. I knelt down to take a picture and ended up stepping on the cord. I pulled both wires completely out of the plugs! I just got the darn things back from repair this spring. I guess I'll have to send them off again.

John had an unused 16 mb card with him. I put it in my camera, but we didn't stop for anymore pictures.
We explored the back roads around the Trimbelle River, between K and 63. Neat! We ended up stopping for a pop in Plum City. From there, we took 10 out to the county line. We went south to Sunny Brook Road, down to D, D to SS. We followed SS to CC and down to Pepin. It was a slow ride back on 35 to Prescott. I remember why I like retirement, I can ride during the day, while others are at work. I have the roads to myself !

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