Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Party's Over????

I knew it had to happen sooner or later. It started yesterday, and quit last night. This morning, it looks like this outside my front window.

All is not lost yet, the city hasn't brought out the salt/sand.....yet. The forecast for later this week includes some high 40's, even a shot at 50 by mid-week.

Maybe it's not all over?

If it is over, the oil has been changed, the Sta-bil's been added, the battery tender is plugged in. The bikes are resting.


  1. they salted on the northside of the metro. winterized one bike... a few more to go.

    The ural is read to play in the snow

  2. Yikes, that white powdery stuff makes it hard to keep the bikes shiny side up.

    Fingers are crossed it all melts and you get at least one more ride in before the bikes need to hibernate for the winter.

    We woke to 32 degrees this morning but we are only 225 ft above sea level so we don't get much more than an inch of snow,if that a year.

  3. Erik,

    Time for a sidecar - or maybe some really sweet training wheels. Actually, that sounds just hilarious enough to try. Maybe not for you, but I might have to do it some time. Time to start making hot toddies till the sun comes back.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  4. Brady, the first time I went to the Sturgis rally, I thought it was weird to see so many trikes and a goldwing with retractable landing gear. But the older I get, the more I think that I'd do whatever it takes to continue riding as I get older. Yamaha had training wheels for the PW50. A big Ninja with them might look funny!

  5. Trobairitz, when I was in Oregon this summer, I rode north out of CA on 101. I only got as far north as Reedsport, then to Drain, and Bend. I really want to go back there again and ride along the coast all the way up to WA. I have all winter now to dream about where to ride next year!

  6. What a bummer. No riding to be done here, polish up the bike for next summer and sit back having some nice cool beers.

    We are so lucky here in Australia where we can ride all year round in winter it can get down to 0°C but usually in the middle of the the day it can be up to 20°C. Where as summer is between 20-40°C.