Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trip to the iMBC, Day 2. Towner, ND to Glasgow MT...

The first day was a good day....today, not so much. The head wind was gone, but it was replaced by a side wind, rain, heat, and road construction! The day started nice enough. With low overcast skies and coolish temps. I was headed west and the weather was coming up from the south. It looked like I'd be able to stay ahead of it.
In Minot, I stopped for a picture of the American Locomotive Co. 4-6-2.

After Minot, the truck traffic on US-2 got heavier and there was a lot of road construction. The oil boom in northwestern ND is obvious, there are oil wells everywhere. Big drill rigs too.

In Williston, I got caught in a heavy down pour. With all the road construction, my bike is a muddy mess. Five miles later the skies were clear, and the temps were climbing.

In Montana, I ran into even more road work. Near Poplar, MT the entire surface had been removed and lightly packed, wet, muddy gravel was all there was for a road.
I snapped a few picture of roadside oddities.

I stopped early at the Shady Rest RV Park in Glasgow, MT.

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  1. Just do me a favour and don't bring the bad weather along. I only planned to bring hot weather gear, shorts and Tees...

    Nice catch of the roadside oddities. The hangar plane is cool.

    1. Thanks, Today was much better.. Just HEAT and wind.

  2. Well, you are just getting all kinds of weather and road conditions thrown at you. Good thing you are on your trusty steed.

    Cool pictures of the oddities though.

    Hope your weather gets better as you get closer. It is still supposed to be warm (80's) during the day but cool off into the high 40s low 50s at night. Still signs of Thundershowers for Friday but fingers crossed they'll be gone by the time everyone rolls in.

    1. I'd like highs in he 80's. It would be a break. More oddities soon!

  3. Erik:

    I also hope you use up all the rain before you cross into Oregon. I am only bringing HOT weather stuff too, just like Sonja. Only shorts, tank tops and sandals. I'm not even bringing my liners, or heated vest.

    I wished we had more oddities here to photograph. At least you get a chance to stop and stretch

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    1. My cold weather gear is limited as well. Blue jeans and mesh pants, a long sleeve t-shirt and mesh jacket w/liner

  4. I don't know which is a better ride in a cross wind, a low bike with a fairing or a higher mount with no fairing. Regardless, if it were easy it wouldn't be an adventure and everyone would be doing it.
    Enjoy the adventure and see you soon.

    1. The worst ride I ever had was on a Goldwing in SD. We had a HUGE cross wind. My passenger almost rode the bus home after that!