Saturday, August 04, 2012

Day 5... The Last of the Lazy Days.. I Hope.

Larrie, Julie and Lyle arrived around 7:00 p.m. last night. They had been fighting a terrible headwind across most of South Dakota. Larrie was driving his ten year old H-D cruiser, with his wife Julie on the back, and pulling a heavy camper trailer. He was complaining that his bike had a hard time with the wind and would only do 60 MPH. On a couple of gas stops, Lyle would use 2 gallons to Larrie's 4. It must have been a bad wind!!
After they got here, they set up camp and bed time was soon to follow.
This morning, the 7 of us went for breakfast at the Legion in Sturgis. We met some friends, Tom and Karla, Lee and Gabi, John's cousin Paul and his wife Mona, and a few others. We all had breakfast together. It was nice to see old friends again!
After breakfast we split up into smaller groups and walked around Sturgis. I picked up a t-shirt, a shot glass, and a pin/patch set. The 7 of us all met back at camp afterwards.
We has a minor problem to fix. Larrie's bike seemed to be over charging. He and Garth ran back to Sturgis and picked up a regulator/rectifier for his bike. We spent most of the afternoon on the repair job.
John and I went to the Stonehouse Saloon to meet up with Paul and Mona. We visited for a while and returned to the campground.
Today was a day of rest, Lyle and Larrie rode the 610 miles from MN in one day. They needed a little down time. I'm not sure about where we'll go riding tomorrow, but I'm thinking the Hill City and Keystone area.

A picture of our tents....

Lee and Gabi....

Downtown Sturgis... and the official start of the rally isn't until Monday!

I promise more rally and scenery pictures as soon as we start riding the hills again!


  1. Wow, that is a big camper trailer. I saw two couples on Harley's in the last campground I was at in the Yukon. They loved them but they still look heavy.

    That looks like a lot of bikes. Looking forward to your posts...

    1. We joke about his 4 bedroom trailer. It's asking a whole lot of that 70 HP Harley!!

  2. Nice job of fitting everyone on the site. As always, I anxiously await the pictures of your travels. Although I have been there many times, I never get tired of the Black Hills and surrounding area. Stay safe. Hugs

    1. I could come out here every month and ride for a few days and never get tired of it!!

  3. That is a lot of bikes considering it hadn't officially started yet.

    1. Once it starts, it's one row of bikes down each side of the street and a double row, face to face, down the center of the street. It usually is 5 blocks long.. or more.