Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Day 8... Hot Springs & Sturgis Nightlife.

As usual, there was no agreement on what to do today, so John and I went for a ride. We went down to Hot Springs to see some friends. I think the others went to Wyoming.
Our route down to Hot Springs brought us down through Spearfish Canyon, then south on 85 to Newcastle, WY. Along the way we stopped at the scenic overlook. I told John to go stand on the rock.... More guts than I have...

We went east on 16 through Wind Cave N.P., there were a lot of Buffalo out near the road.

After Hot Springs, the ride back to camp was non stop. We stayed at camp for a while then went into Sturgis for the evening. The nightlife was kind of slow.
This bike has a rear tire from a semi truck on it.

Some assorted night shots from Main Street....

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  1. Looks like a long drop from that rock. There's lots of buffalo. I think i'll call you Dance's with Ninjas.

    1. It's a bit of an illusion. The rock is only about 10 feet up from another big ledge. It looks like 300' though.