Sunday, August 12, 2012

Some Pictures from John's Camera...

John was looking at my blog and told me he had some pics I might want to post...
Here are a few from the copper mine that I wouldn't get close enough to the edge to take a picture. It wont be long and the whole mountain will be gone!

From Thursday, at an overlook south of the Santa Fe trail...

Friday's sunset in Grants, NM

The rain clouds we successfully avoided today!

Saturday, my day to be in the lead...


  1. Very nice of John to share! That copper mine is something else.

  2. Thank you for the mine pictures. They really moved a lot of material. The green in the last photo must be a welcome change from the "outback" region just a few days back.

  3. Great pics, thanks to John for letting you share them.

    The copper mine pics are really neat with all those colors, but it makes me a little sad at the same time to see what is happening to the mountain.

    1. They are just trying to flatten everything out by getting rid of the mountains. ;-)