Sunday, February 17, 2013

Not Really Motorcycle Related at All...

I just wanted to point out a few internet and keyboard related things. I noticed on some of the blogs and internet forums that I frequent, that some people might not know a few easy shortcuts for things....

As an example, when writing about the temperature, it's easy to get the little ° symbol to appear. If you hold down the Alt key and, at the same time, use the number pad on the right side of your keyboard and type the numbers, 0176.... when you do, the ° appears when you lift your finger off the Alt key.

There are lots of symbols that can be typed that way, Alt + 0189 = ½, Alt + 3 = ♥ And plenty more!

Here is a link to They list plenty of handy keyboard shortcuts.

Also, it was discussed on another blog, but it might be good to repeat it here.... How to search for an image on the internet...

One of my favorite pictures is my green ZX-14 parked across Hwy 6 in Nevada. I took that picture 6-19-2011 on my solo trip out to California. Here it is...

If I want to search the internet to see if my picture is being used somewhere I didn't know about, I can easily do a search.
Go to Google, click on Google Images, see the search box with the little camera icon in it? Click the icon. A box opens and it gives you the choice to either enter the URL of the picture, or upload a picture that you have saved in your computer. I uploaded the above picture and searched.
Google said that it found my picture 29 places. I noticed that one of the places my picture was being used, was some Kawasaki forum that I've never been to. I followed the link, and it turns out that there are actually 2 of my pictures being used. They're in a thread about being an older rider, and wanting to make the ZX-14 a more comfortable long distance touring bike.
I guess I'm cool with that, but I'd hate to find out my pictures were being used to scam someone, or to find out that someone is using my pictures and they're claiming them as their own!!!! Worse yet, making money off my pictures!!!


  1. Erik,
    Thanks for the tips. I had no idea about searching for images and yes, I did know about the symbols but was too lazy and too sloppy to go searching for them again, searching because I'm not organized enough to keep them handy where they belong.

    I shall commit to making the effort!

  2. Thanks for the link for the special signs. I didn't know that.

    I have once come across my pic being used for commercial purpose. I wasn't happy but I gave permission after the fact. It wasn't professional though, and I had them let know that I didn't appreciate their approach.

  3. Nice work Eric. I new about the symbols etc but your post was most informative about the search for your images.

    I would recommend that you watermark all your images, it won't stop people from stealing them but at least its blatantly obvious where the image is from.

    As it turns out I found one of my images on a commercial website for a bike dealer. I'm still undecided wether to do anything about it.

    Here is my picture in my blog post

    And here is the offending websites

  4. I found the info on the symbols when I noticed one half being typed as ½ and not the usual 1/2 that I'd been typing. I put the web site in my favorites so I won't forget.

    I'll have to read up on how to watermark my pictures.

    Chillertek, I checked out your picture on the laro web site. I thought maybe they'd have cropped it, but they posted it complete with your "road to nowhere" mark.

    1. Yep they used the whole thing. Least my water mark is on there. Maybe I'll post something up on how to water mark your pictures as brandy says.

  5. Thanks for the links Erik.

    Using a Mac we have different keyboard shortcuts. To make the ˚ sign I hold down the alt/option key and the letter K. I'll have to google the mac shortcuts one day for fun as I think each letter and number short cuts to something different.

    Hmmm I'd search for one of my pics on the net, but I really don't think any of them would be interesting enough for someone to use. Or at least I've never run across any.

    Steve has a good idea with the watermarking, but I don't know how to do that either. More stuff to look up, unless we can convince him to do a how-to post for us.

    1. I suppose I should have mentioned that the keyboard tricks wont work on a Mac.
      You never know where a picture or yours might show up. You take some very nice photographs!

  6. Thanks for the links. I have another search link, but it's on my other computer. And there is a site that is a "take down" service. These are good things to know.

  7. Thanks for the tips. I hadn't taken the time to go finding them. When I used the degree symbol it was through the character map. Of course, I didn't do it hear since I am on an Apple. :)