Monday, February 25, 2013

Pulling the Head off the Engine

I took some pictures as it came apart.
Head ready to come off...

Cylinders 1, 2,3 and 4... The red stuff in #2 is ATF/Acetone....

The same after a bit of cleaning... I don't think #2 is salvageable The surface is completely pitted and rough, #4 might be, but the rust groove is quite deep?? Doug, or John... got an opinion?? Pistons, rings and sleeves??? New rings and an afternoon with a hone???

The head will need a day at the spa/machine shop to recover. A complete disassembly, soak in the hot tank, magnaflux to check for cracks, and a valve job...


  1. Erik, have you got tasks lined up for the B when it's running? Do you expect to work it hard or mostly putt with it? Have you got a dollar limit in mind? What else on the tractor will you be working on? Hydraulics, tires? My brand new CT Farm and Country catalog has many AC "B" parts, short blocks, heads, etc.

    You've got the skill and 'free' labor, just seems wise to have some prices so you can compare, knowing where you might be willing to draw the line.

    1. Doug, It will probably spend the rest of it's life as a light duty tractor. Maybe pulling a trailer through the woods or down the road. I doubt it will be pulling a plow any time soon. The brakes might need to be looked at, but they're not too $$. The tires are good. I've shopped a few different places and liner kits are all over the place as price goes. I suspect there may be a quality issue.. I'd really prefer to buy US made parts and not imported....
      I haven't set a $ limit, but I'd like to do the engine correctly.
      I'll probably have to have someone do the head and possibly the crankshaft, but I'm comfortable doing the wrench work.

    2. I noticed prices on rebuild kits... cylinders, pistons, rings, wrist pins, gaskets, and con rod bearings, very from $400 to $550....

  2. The pistons will probably clean up pretty easily but the sleeves look to be in pretty poor shape. And, obviously, new rings.

    1. It will be interesting to see the condition of the cylinder in the areas that I can't see until I get things unstuck.

  3. Erik:

    I think those sleeves need to be replaced. I think the rust/grooves are too deep to hone

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