Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 5... Still en-route to ? : Magpies and TacoTimes

Not much to say today other than... Did you ever have one of those days?

For some reason I just couldn't get my head in the game. It started this morning with indecision about where to go today. It continued after a late breakfast when I knew I needed gas, but for some reason I blew it off and kept going. I turned off of the interstate and headed south to see Flaming Gorge. Well that was my intention anyways. There was another gas station at the top of the exit ramp, but their prices were almost $1 a gallon higher than the station I passed after breakfast. Pride got in the way as I thought, "I am not paying that much for gas". 30 miles later on the road to Flaming Gorge, the low fuel light comes on. It's too far to make it around the loop if I were to continue, so I have no choice but to back track.

On the way out, I refuse to stop at the station I passed on my way in. I hop back on I-80 and exit a few miles later at Green River, WY. My brain cloud continues to follow me. I pull up to the gas pump and swipe my card... the machine asks for my zip code but I can't read the numbers, the printing on the keys is worn off. The pump times out and it re-asks for my zip code. I enter it wrong. Now I have to see the cashier if I want gas. She has no problem with my card, but asks me how much I want to put in.... brain cloud.. $10.00? I know that wont fill it but it will get me on my way.

About this time I realize how hot it is. I feel sweat running down my arms and I remember I have the liner in my mesh jacket. After fueling up I get a bottle of water and try to look at my maps... brain clouds again... I can't decide where to go. I know I have to get off the interstate, I can't take the traffic anymore. I finally decide to run up US 30 towards Kemmerer, WY.

I make it to Kemmerer and know I need gas because the $10 I put in is gone. I roll up to the pump, swipe my card and realize it's a diesel only pump. I have to hit cancel and hope my card still works for me on the gas pump. I filled up and took a long break in the shade and drank more water and Gatorade. I called home and told Nancy about my credit card snafu. 2 years ago, Nancy got a call from Visa while I was on a road trip. They wanted me to call them because I swiped my card in a pump and it asked for some code I'd never heard of. I cancelled the transaction and went across the street to fill up. They wanted to make sure I was still the one using my card. I wouldn't be surprised if they call again after today!

I think I recovered after Kemmerer. While I was talking to Nancy she thought that I should swing up to Pocatello, ID and see the brother, Bill. We set up a meet for around 5:30 at the first exit to town. I called Nancy to tell her I was there, and she called Bill. He showed up less than 5 minutes later. I had a good burger at a place just down the street. I also got to meet his girlfriend, Linda. After dinner, I felt even better. I continued out to Arco, ID. I got a hotel room so I can relax, do laundry, take a long shower....

I hope my head's clearer tomorrow! As for the title.. Magpies and TacoTimes... well I know I'm out west when I see them. We don't have Magpie birds in WI and TacoTime is a western area chain restaurant, like Taco Bell.. only better!

Magpie... thank you Google Image search..


Another State sign...

The rest of the pictures from today aren't worth posting, kind of like the ones above....sorry!


  1. Never mind mate...age gets us all at times.

  2. A long ride is not like a bicycle ride, but even a long drive like the trip you have taken is fatiguing. Good food, plenty of fluids and rest is important. I'm glad you didn't have any other problems.

  3. Oooh you made it to Idaho.

    I am chuckling because we didn't have Taco Time in BC growing up so whenever we'd go visit the family in Oregon we'd always stop at the same one on the way down and going home.

    Sounds like that Gatorade is what you needed to rehydrate and set you straight for the rest of the day. Take care of yourself.