Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Monday in Montana...Leaving the Mountains

After waking up in the tent to a 43 degree morning, I learned that sleeping on a cot was nice, but I should have added my insulated air mattress. My back was cold. We packed and continued north. We had breakfast at the Hungry Bear. They had an interesting appetizer on the menu...

Rocky Mountain Oysters..... eewwww.

We stayed on 83 up to Big Fork, the over to Kalispell. From Kalispell, we took US-2 west, to a few miles west of Happy's Inn. We turned right onto a Forrest Service road. It was scenic but a ROUGH 50 miles!

Trego, MT was the point where we stopped heading west and made the turn east towards home. Momma deer was with her 2 babies eating apples under the apple tree...

From Trego, we turned right onto 93, and eventually picked up US-2 again, and rode towards Glacier National Park. The weather in the mountains looks bad, so we elected to ride US-2 around the park rather than go up over top to ride Going To The Sun Road.

Once out of the park, the terrain turned rolling plains. We'll continue east and south, and will try to avoid the oil fields and road construction of eastern Montana and western North Dakota.


  1. Those garlic mushrooms seem pretty strange as well...

    Nice trip so far, yes, your really need to use some sort of foam pad when using a cot. One of the problems with a slippery pad such as a thermarest. The old foam ones work pretty good.

    I've heard a lot of great reviews of the packable cot that Aerostitch sells but sometimes it's difficult to distinguish from those trying to justify the cost...

  2. Great trip Erik ... can't wait for more.

  3. Is it safe to hang around too long at Hungry Bear? And does he know about the Big Fork?

  4. Great photos Erik, looks like some mighty sweet riding in those thar hills. Still lots of snow on that mountain behind your bike and its the middle of summer. The winters must be really cold there.