Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Little Daytime Visitor...

It's been somewhat warm the last couple of days with highs near 40. Today, it was overcast with a very light rain. Before noon, we had a cute little visitor in the back yard. A tiny, young, black bear... We didn't see Mama and we weren't about to go outside to find her! I hope he's not an orphan, Wisconsin's bear season ended last month.

He was nosing around the bird feeders. He eventually knocked down a suet feeder and stole the blocks of suet...

The cats sat and quietly watched him. If Little Boy Kitty were still alive, he'd have been growling like a dog!

It's been a couple of days since the bear was around, but today I looked outside and there he was... Eyeing up the feeders...again!

The sun was shining so the pics are better. This one gives you an idea of just how tiny he is...

A few more in the sunshine...


  1. The poor guy looks a little lost. The cats have certainly enjoyed the 'animal planet' entertainment.

  2. Cool, but I too hope he's not an orphan or becomes a pest for you and your neighbors. I grew up with black bears coming up on our deck or we would stumble upon them during our adventures into the woods as kids. We would just leave them be and slowly walk away as if we all had a mutual respect and understanding.

  3. I'm less interested and much more cautious about camping in bear country these days. Hope this guy is only passing through and finds (better) suet and bird food in other places.

  4. Estimated weight?

    If I grew up around bears I'd have a much better attitude, but I didn't so I don't. Best place for me is where a bear is not! I enjoy your photos, though!

    1. Martha, I'm only guessing at the weight, but maybe 75 lbs.? He wasn't much bigger than an over weight Springer Spaniel.. Except probably a lot stronger and possibly a bit meaner too.

      We were a little surprised to see him this close to the house in the day time without a larger bear around for "backup". We've had the feeders raided in the spring but usually overnight.

      A loud tap on the glass and he'd be headed for the woods!

  5. Good shots, but like Coop says, hope he's just passing through.

  6. Too close for me… hope he was just passing through but now that he found the suet he may hang around a bit longer.

  7. Erik:

    too close for me. I hope he was just passing through.

    I had a bear encounter on a trail in Cape Scott NP. The bear was only about 10 feet in front of me as our trail made a right turn. being from the city I didn't know what to do except to back up slowly, and loudly talk to myself

    Riding the Wet Coast

  8. Poor thing. He does look a little lost. I hope he isn't an orphan. Sounds like he was hungry.

    I had to chuckle at the kitties watching the cub. Basil growls at the dogs walkers walking by the house and they aren;t even that close.

  9. My kitty did not enjoy the bear that visited my composter several times a few years back ... lucky for her, it was this time of year and he was just passing through, looking for a nice spot to nap for the winter. He managed to really damage the neighbors dog before he left though. For me, I like to look at them in photos - thanks for sharing.