Friday, December 13, 2013

Martha's Color the Season, a Blog Challenge.

On the Wisconsinland blog, Martha posted a challenge, find some color in this bleak winter season. Well that's pretty tough to do up here in the frozen wonderland of northern Wisconsin. When I look outside all I can see from the house is fluffy white snow, leaf-less gray brown trees, and lots of brown, black or gray wildlife. In the back corner of the yard was a spot of color, a bottle tree that Nancy put up this year.

There was a little color outside the front door...

I kept looking for color but all I found in the yard was a single pink plastic ribbon that marks a dead maple tree that I need to take down some day...

I did find a whole ton of color in the garage... a couple shades of blue and a bright lime green....

Earlier in the day there was a young buck in the yard. He was up raiding the squirrel's food...

Not a lot of color, but I wouldn't want to be any other place in the winter time!


  1. The bottle tree is a pretty nice idea though some may see it as a target practice opportunity. And nice photos of the young buck.

  2. Erik:

    I liked that bottle tree. Nancy must have known that you needed colour for this challenge

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. The bottle tree never looked prettier...or more important! I even like the pink making tape!

    I was going to go hunting for red twig dogwood branches but that was the opening weekend for hunting. I was convinced to stay put and try another day!

    Good color spotting in a very brown and white landscape.

  4. I would just take a look at the Kawi green to get my colour boost. It is blinding, and would be even more is posed in in the snow ;-)

  5. Those are great spots of color in the yard. Well, the ones in the garage are pretty nice too.

    Pretty buck. We have a buck like that that comes around, but one spike is broken off. Poor guy looks odd.

  6. Those bright colors are spice......I'm quite content with the subtle brown differences and shades of white.

  7. I liked the image of the bikes in the garage! lol. So far we had three snowstorms in December in Philly and winter is not here yet, at least not officially. I hate it! lol

    NINJA ZX-14 Motovlog