Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Nancy and I go Old School in the Kitchen.... Or...

Far out man... the colors...

I'm sorry, but there's no motorcycle related content in today's post, but I'm living an out west tour, vicariously at least, through my riding buddy's blog at Riding Retired Plus.

For the last couple of days Nancy and I have been enjoying a break from the heat and humidity, so we've spent a few hours yesterday and today taking walks along the roadsides. We've been searching for, and finding Blackberries and Chokecherries.

Tonight, we're in the middle of making a batch of Blackberry jelly. We've crushed and boiled the berries and are soon to turn the juice into jelly.... mmmmmm...

The first pictures are a couple of rags that Nancy and I decided to try our hand at tie-dying, something I haven't done since 1969. We had a little bit of juice left over, so... we got creative. I'm really trying hard to not let this blog turn into something out of Mother Earth News... LOL

Jelly pictures... Right out of the water bath canner.

MMMMMM!!!! good!


  1. I used to invert the jars without the rings on the counter while cooling to help ensure the jars seal. But that was just the way I learned. Nice job!

  2. Beautiful berries and the jelly looks delicious. Tie dye - it's all the rage these days you know - everything old is new again.

  3. Jelly from fresh picked berries. Sounds delightful.

    Until you have a chicken coup and a little piglet running around I think you are safe from becoming Mother Earth News, lol.

  4. I need to plan another tour... I like your getting in touch with mother nature. My hubby is also a hobby jam maker. There's nothing better ;-)
    Tie-dying... my mom did this in the 70's. Looks lovely.

  5. Gathering, processing and finally enjoying the sweet spreads makes them so very worthwhile, looks yummy Erik.

    I completely missed the first tie-dying craze and it looks like I'm missing this one too, maybe I'll catch the next wave?