Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Last of the Great Color for 2015...

From here on out the color in our area will be past it's prime. The wind today is knocking a heck of a lot of leaves off the trees!

The weather forecasters are predicting upper 70's for tomorrow, but by the middle of the week the highs will be in the mid 40's with over night lows well into the freezing range.

So, to give us something to remember when the howling winds of winter are piling the snow drifts taller than my truck, Nancy and I went for a ride in the woods. We found lots of fall color, and had a great time doing it...

Out in the Chequamegon National Forest we came across a bridge over a small stream...

We were having such a good time, I snapped a dorky selfie... We both got a good laugh over this.

One last fall picture...

I'll ride when I can but tomorrow we're going to try and go kayaking one last time.


  1. I think the guys in the white coats are on their way to pick us up, huh???!! ;)

  2. Beautiful colors you have there! Sounds like a nice time...

  3. great selfie pic
    thats what life is having a good time

    did ya get the blackberry freeze thing in the other post ??

  4. Great fall foliage. I never get enough of it. Love the selfie. You should do that more often ;-)

  5. I love fall, I think its my favourite time of year. I've bern too busy doing stuff to go look at leaves and dodging crappy weather, hopefully tomorrow!

  6. Awesome selfie of you two!! Driving and walking in the woods just makes us giddy, it is all that fresh forest air.

    Beautiful colors out there. You sure live in a pretty area.

  7. Beautiful colours ... enjoy them while they last.

  8. Nice colors and of course nice selfie on road.. :)

  9. The WI Fall Color site showed your area and Clark Co being Prime last weekend and it was brilliant when I was up. We're in the midst of it now, a busy weekend here, maybe tomorrow will see some miles?

    Did you get out on the water??

    1. No, and I really wish we would have. The color is fading fast and well past prime now. The winds are knocking the leaves off the trees, some are almost bare.

      We had our first view of snow very early this morning (10-17-2015) Just enough to be seen, nothing stuck to the ground.