Thursday, September 14, 2017

Arrived in Belle Fourche...

Yesterday it was HOT, today it was much cooler. We got started on our way west about 8:30 this morning. There were a few sprinkles along the way, but no heavy rain. We drove about half an hour and stopped in Gettysburg for a quick breakfast. We were back on the road in less than 15 minutes!

We crossed the Missouri River and stopped to take some pictures.

On both side of the river there were huge fields of sunflowers. Most of them looked like this...

They would have been an amazing site a month ago.

We were in Faith just before noon. Faith is the home of "Sue" the T-rex...

We Got to Belle Fourche in time for lunch. We had a couple of tacos at Taco John's before heading back out of town to do some shopping in Sturgis. John wanted to find a hoodie. It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow and the temp could drop to 37°F by Saturday morning.

We checked into our hotel and unpacked. John went to check on some friends of his, and I made a run down to Spearfish to buy a few snacks for the room. The temp has been dropping and it started raining again. The fires out west and down in the southern area of the Black Hills have made for a very overcast and hazy sky. The hills are hard to see from a distance.

We'll see what tomorrow brings. I want to ride but the weather might not cooperate!


  1. Pretty cool t-rex! I'll take the 37°F anytime instead of the HOT.

    1. I too handle cooler better than HOT! I just wasn't expecting temps in the 30's